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The CARSPROWASH range is developed with specific objectives: PERFORMANCE, QUALITY & ADVICE!

CARSPROWASH products restore and keep a clean and shiny vehicle while protecting it from daily climatic aggressions.


What spoils the aesthetics of a vehicle?

  • The lack of shine

  • paint oxidation

  • The different contaminants stuck on the paint

  • Micro-scratches


How does a paint deteriorate over time to reveal these defects?
Your car is contaminated by visible dust but also by contaminants embedded in the paint, which are sometimes difficult to remove. The paint loses its shine over time (UV radiation is harmful), oxidation also appears over time and unfortunately, a very large number of micro-scratches are created by the owner of the vehicle!



When are these micro-scratches mainly created?



The addition of inefficient products (unsuitable shampoo), bad accessories (traditional sponge) and bad techniques (washing with only 1 bucket) considerably favor the creation of micro-scratches.
A shampoo that does not clean much requires an extra effort to find a clean vehicle. The reflex is to compensate for the poor quality of a shampoo by pressing more on its bodywork, which often results in the appearance of new micro-scratches.

The use of a simple sponge accumulates dirt, which will then be reapplied to the bodywork. During the washing process, this dirt remains on the surface of the sponge and acts like sandpaper (very abrasive). Therefore, when cleaning, these dirt create micro-scratches.

Similarly, the use of a single bucket (shampoo + water) does not allow you to properly clean your sponge or wash mitt between each washed part. Thus, the remnants of trapped dirt can also act as light 
"abrasives" on the paint and create micro-scratches!

These micro-scratches can also be created when applying polishes, waxes or other products using the wrong techniques and the wrong accessories.

In addition, many contaminants attach themselves to the paint despite regular washing. These contaminants spoil the aesthetics of the vehicle and require specific techniques and products to eliminate them.

TO find and keep a beautiful and shiny paint, you must:

  • Eliminate contaminants

  • Correct micro-scratches

  • Restore the original shine

  • Protect the paint


BUT above all:
AVOID creating new micro-scratches the following times.
Professional techniques and processes make it possible to remove all these defects and find a vehicle as new as on the first day!



Why 7 steps?


Thus, CARSPROWASH has broken down professional methods into 7 steps. Thanks to the succession of these 7 steps, paint renovation, often reserved for professionals, is accessible to all.

These 7 steps will then allow you to restore your vehicle to find it as new, or even more beautiful than the day of its delivery!
In addition, the identification of CARSPROWASH products ensures perfect use of the products. The functions of each product are thus clearly identified. It is enough to respect the order of application to obtain the best results.

CARSPROWASH has tested and selected accessories to allow you to limit micro-scratches and work with maximum safety.

The user guides reveal application techniques to minimize the risk of micro-scratches.
Then, simple and regular maintenance is enough to maintain the result for a long time!

To restore and enhance your car, 7 important steps:

  • STEP n°1: The Pre Wash

  • STEP n°2: Washing

  • STEP n°3: Decontamination

  • STEP n°4: Polishing

  • STEP n°5: Polishing

  • STEP n°6: Protection

  • STEP n°7: Finishing & Maintenance

These 7 steps bring an exceptional finish, intense color and extreme shine to your bodywork.



7 steps to perform:


  • For a vehicle used daily: once a year (ideally)

  • For a vehicle used occasionally: once every 2 to 3 years


Then, dedicate yourself only to stages n°2 and n°7 or n°1, n°2 and n°7 for the most demanding.
Amateurs or confirmed, with 7 products, these 7 steps are simple and quick to perform.
Give yourself one day in the year, you will facilitate all future washes and enjoy a vehicle that is always clean and sparkling.

We accompany you during these 7 steps in order to obtain an incomparable result.



Completion of these 7 steps is not mandatory, each CARSPROWASH product can be used INDIVIDUALLY.

Everyone can then benefit from the quality and performance of the products according to their requirements!
The steps involved are indicated on the bottles of each CARSPROWASH product, which ensures the use of the products at the right time and a perfect result.



Description of the 7 steps:


STEP 1 :  The Pre Wash
Pre-washing removes the largest dirt accumulated on a vehicle without any manual intervention.
Makes the next step easier and minimizes the risk of creating micro-scratches.

2ND STEP :  Washing
Facilitated by step 1, washing is then faster but above all more effective while considerably reducing the risk of micro-scratches.

STEP 3:  Decontamination
Touch your body! Even perfectly washed, the body is not smooth. Decontamination will quickly restore extreme softness to the bodywork. This step will remove any contaminants stuck on the paint to leave an incredibly smooth surface. This step also promotes the hold and duration of the protections applied afterwards.

STEP 4:  Polishing (Correction/Removal of defects)
This step corrects imperfections in a painting by removing:

  • oxidation (tarnished paint, dull veil)

  • micro-scratches (swirls of fine scratches on the surface of the varnish)

  • fingernail marks on door handles

  • traces/halos created by the acidity of insect residue or bird droppings

  • marks from acid rain

  • holograms


STEP 5:  Polishing (Hydration of the paint)
Paint and varnish contain oils. Over time, these oils wear off and the paint becomes duller. It is therefore necessary to nourish the paint to restore its original shine. This step is not mandatory for recent paintings.

STEP 6:  Protection
In order to preserve the work resulting from the previous stages, it is important to protect its bodywork using protective waxes. These waxes deposit a protective film, this protection creates a barrier between the paint and future external aggressions. Some waxes provide shine and an intense water-repellent effect. This step protects the rendering obtained following the previous steps, considerably embellishes the bodywork AND above all, facilitates the following washes. It is then pleasant to find a perfect finish in a very short time.

STEP 7:  Finishing & Maintenance
It is possible to prolong the duration of protection of the waxes applied in Stage N°6 and consequently, to preserve the finish and the rendering much longer. After each wash, this step maintains excellent protection on the bodywork and restores its extreme shine. With each use, you will find the finish and the rendering obtained during the realization of the 7 steps.
Find all these steps in detail on 

Once the 7 steps have been completed, your vehicle will be much more shiny and protected than on the first day of delivery.

Then, to enjoy your "new" body for a long time, steps n°2 and n°7 are sufficient or steps n°1, n°2 and n°7 for a very dirty vehicle.


The choice of accessories is essential to good results. Find all the information and techniques to keep the result of your 7 steps on

The Carsprowash staff

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