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Finishing/maintenance waxes are intended to accentuate the shine of a paintwork and to obtain a perfect finish. Very easy to use, they allow you to find a high level of finish and shine very quickly.





When to use them?

At the end of a preparation, there are always some residues of polish, protective waxes, traces of wiping, etc.
The rapid application of these finishing/maintenance waxes allows these imperfections to be removed to obtain a perfect level of finish.

After washing and drying the vehicle, traces of wiping, traces of water, a slight "dull" veil may remain, very easy to remove using finishing/maintenance waxes. Some of these waxes are formulated to provide an intense shine and restore the appearance of a “freshly” waxed/glossed vehicle.

Between 2 washes, the use of these waxes ensures rapid dusting of the vehicle. To be used only on a dusty vehicle, in the event of too much dirt, it is preferable to use a shampoo to avoid the risk of creating micro-scratches. These waxes are also perfect for cleaning locally (bird droppings, water marks, etc.)


What “MORE” to expect from a finishing/maintenance wax?


The ideal is to be able to provide protection when using these quick waxes. The goal is to preserve, strengthen and prolong the duration of previously applied protection. Used regularly, it is quick and easy to maintain long-lasting protection while enjoying a perfect, ultra-shiny finish.


How to OPTIMIZE the duration of protection of your vehicle?

Quite simply, by using a finishing/maintenance wax that offers protection. This will preserve the protection applied in the past.

The use of the same protective polymers in a protective wax AND in a finishing/maintenance wax, makes it possible to considerably increase the duration of protection.
In effect, the polymers will bond more easily (restructuring) and form an even more resistant protection.

The goal is to keep/maintain a protective layer on the paint. By regularly applying a finishing/maintenance wax, the paint will no longer be exposed and therefore less sensitive to external aggressions.



Illustration of step 7:



Carsprowash products for step 7:

Ceramic Carsprowash and Carnauba Wax

Liquid carnauba wax is a preparation rich in nanotechnology (NANO-Polymer protection).  To be used with a pressure washer or a foam cannon (Foam Gun).  Deposits on the entire vehicle (bodywork, rims, windows, plastics, etc.) a protective and shiny microfilm. Leaves treated surfaces soft and water-repellent. Limits the adhesion of dirt and contaminants. Easy and quick to use.

1/ Use on a clean and unprotected car:
Liquid carnauba wax provides protection and a shiny finish.

2/ Use in addition to the Carsprowash ultimate shiner:
NHP Finishing Wax, Ceramic Carsprowash contain the same NANO-polymers. These will bond together to restructure and enhance protection.
Ideal for maintaining previously applied protection.

The Carsprowash staff

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