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This step is to feed the paint.


Why ?


Over time, the paint loses its oils. These oils are used to give luster to the paint. It must therefore be "hydrated" to replace the lost oils.


How ?

There are products that offer ONLY polishing, essentially composed of oils, they nourish the paint to restore the original shine. These products do not correct paint defects (Step 4) and do not protect bodywork (Step 6).
In order to limit the multitude of products, it is possible to integrate these moisturizing oils in a polish (type "AIO" = All In One), in a protective wax or other products such as "Pre-Wax carnauba wax" which are used preparing the surface before applying a wax.


Should a new car be polished?

Not necessarily, the oils contained in the paint are still present. However, depending on the vehicle's storage environment (outdoors, under the sun, under the moon, etc.), the oils can disappear quickly. There is no risk in adding oils even on a new vehicle.
The advantage of having waxes or "All In One" products (All In One) integrating oils and offering a specific function (such as correction or protection), then makes it possible to regularly moisturize your paintwork without having to have a product specific to this step 5.

For new vehicles it is strongly recommended to apply a ceramic treatment the ceramic Carsprowash


Carsprowash products for step 5:

The composition of Lustreur Ultime Carsprowash and Polish Carsprowash, include oils for polishing the paint.
The application of these products ensures perfect hydration of the paint and thus enhances its luster and shine.

The Carsprowash staff

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