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You should always start with the rims and wheel arches.



When cleaning the rims and wheel arches, it is possible that splashes of products and dirt fall on the bodywork. It is therefore preferable to clean the rims and wheel arches first... Thus, in the event of dirt or product splashes, they will simply be removed during washing.

Washing must be carried out from top to bottom (from the roof to the lower parts of the vehicle) and in small areas (½ hood, ½ door, ½ wing, etc.)

For optimal and effective washing, favor the two-bucket method:


  1. A bucket of water with xtrem gold body shampoo diluted with water. (Prefer hot water for mixing)

  2. A bucket of clear water to rinse your microfiber glove. This bucket can be changed 1 to 2 times during washing in order to always have clean rinsing water. You can equip your rinsing bucket with a "grid guard" (grid that is placed at the bottom of the bucket). This grid retains all the dirt at the bottom of the bucket.


It is important to use good accessories to avoid micro-scratches.

Prefer the use of a microfiber glove:

Ideally, have one glove for the underbody and bumpers (the dirtiest areas) and another for the rest of the vehicle.


CARSPROWASH wash gloves are designed to minimize the risk of micro-scratches and optimize cleaning:





1. EXTRA Soft Carsprowash cleaning glove: low foaming but extremely soft effect to ensure precise and perfect cleaning.



2. EXTRA Foam Carsprowash glove: significant foam effect, incredibly soft for the entire bodywork. It is WATERPROOF, ideal in low season, it offers exceptional comfort and washing your car no longer becomes a chore in cold weather.



Thanks to these two gloves, dirt will be trapped in the fibers and thus avoid any risk of micro-scratches. Not to mention that washing is more efficient and therefore takes less time.


Products used:

For wheels and wheel arches:
Carsprowash Pro Rim Cleaner or Carsprowash Mild Rim Cleaner (pH Neutral)
Carsprowash Super Multi-Purpose Degreaser

For the body:
xtrem Gold bodywork shampoo
Carsprowash EXTRA Soft Glove & Carsprowash EXTRA Foam Glove

The Carsprowash staff

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