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Pre-washing is essential for two reasons.

The first, it limits micro-scratches. These micro scratches are mainly created during hand washing.
The second reason, it greatly facilitates the next step: washing.

Cleaning dirty bodywork without pre-washing it considerably increases the risk of creating new micro scratches.
To remedy this problem, it is imperative to remove as much dirt as possible WITHOUT mechanical intervention (by rubbing by hand, for example).

Thanks to the prewash, some of the dirt will be softened and removed from the surface. Pre-washing is done without any mechanical action, just:

  1. Spray.

  2. To let do.

  3. Rinse.





How to pre-wash the bodywork?

Two methods:

By hand:

  1. Spray "Carsprowash Xtrem Gold Bodywork Shampoo Pre-Wash" on the entire bodywork.

  2. Leave to act for a few minutes.

  3. Rinse with clear water.


To the high-pressure cleaner:

  1. Spray Pre-Wash Xtrem Carsprowash bodywork shampoo using a High Pressure Cleaner on the entire bodywork. The "Snow" effect makes it possible to obtain a homogeneous foam to remove the maximum amount of dirt stuck to the surface of the vehicle.

  2. Leave to act for a few minutes, while the foam flows gently along the vehicle.

  3. Rinse with high pressure cleaner.


Thanks to these 2 methods, the biggest dirt has been eliminated, only a simple veil of dirt remains.

Products to use:

By Hand = Ultra foaming Xtrem Gold Bodywork Shampoo 1 L
With High Pressure Cleaner = Ultra foaming Xtrem Bodywork Shampoo 1 L


Tips and Tricks:

Work out of direct sunlight and on cold bodywork. 
Do not hesitate to wet the vehicle beforehand to cool it down. 
Spray more solution on the dirtiest parts. 
Always start with the roof of the vehicle.
Do not let it dry on the bodywork.

The Carsprowash staff

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