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This step consists of applying protection to the bodywork. The wax applied forms a protective "barrier" against all external aggressions and brings shine to the paint.




There are different types of protection: synthetic waxes (based on acrylic or polymers) and natural waxes (based on Carnauba). These waxes have different characteristics.

Synthetic waxes have a longer average lifespan than natural waxes, which offer a higher level of shine.

“Hybrid” waxes based on polymer AND carnauba provide long-lasting protection and shine. The use of “nano-technology” provides the best possible protection (very long duration). These nano-polymers create a very resistant and durable structure and thus, offer "long-lasting" protection to the treated surfaces.

Ceramic wax remains the best wax to protect your vehicle for about 2 years


Why is it necessary to protect a bodywork?

By protecting your vehicle, you get many benefits:

  • Limitation of dirt adhesion

  • Limitation of the harmful efiects of atmospheric attacks

  • Protection from UV rays (from fading)

  • Ease of future washes

  • Increase in shine


The protection applied on the surface is very smooth. The adhesion of dirt is considerably reduced. Thus, when washing, contaminants will be very easy to remove. The washing time is then reduced.

Good protection also protects against UV rays, which are very harmful to the color of the paint. Limits discoloration.

Protection brings shine. The application of a wax “adds” a thin layer favoring the reflection of light. Depending on the composition, the shine is more or less important, the "mirror" effects also vary.


What would be an ideal wax?

A wax that would offer:

  • Protection extremely resistant to all atmospheric aggressions.

  • A term of protection of several years.

  • Maximum shine and reflections

  • An easy application


Carsprowash products for stage 6:

Carsprowash liquid or pure carnauba wax, Carsprowash ceramic wax

Carsprowash Ultimate Polisher is considered an “All In One” product, non-abrasive. It offers in one application: “non-abrasive” polishing, buffing and bodywork protection. Eliminates insect residues and other traces (of water, gum, etc.). Its advanced composition corrects light micro-scratches and nourishes the paint to revive the color.

Rich in NANO-polymers*, it deposits a long-lasting, hydrophobic protective film that is highly resistant to contaminants, salt, UV rays and discoloration. Enhances the luster and shine of the paint. Applicable on all types of paint. Also protects alloy rims, chrome, headlight lenses, bumpers and exterior plastics. Application by hand or machine.

*Carsprowash Ultimate Shine contains a protective wax based on polymers, more specifically based on NANO-polymers to provide RESISTANT and DURABLE protection!


Special features of Carsprowash Ultimate Shine:

  1. "NON-abrasive"

  2. Incorporates polishing oils

  3. Contains NANO-polymers to provide tough, long-lasting protection

Carsprowash Ultimate Polisher is considered an "All In One" abrasive product. It offers in one application: "abrasive" polishing, buffing and bodywork protection. Removes contaminants such as tar, pine resin, traces of water, ... Its abrasive agents eliminate bodywork defects such as micro-scratches, nail marks, traces left by residues of insects and oxidation. Its composition revives the color and deposits a hydrophobic protection.

Contains NANO-polymers to protect paint from weather, salt, UV rays, fading and leaves a soft, shiny finish. Easy to apply and remove.

Carnauba Wax Carsprowash  is more “step 4 – correction of defects” oriented, while depositing a protective wax

Special features of Carsprowash carnauba wax  :

  1. "abrasive" for in-depth defect correction

  2. Incorporates polishing oils

  3. Contains the same NANO-polymers as Carsprowash Ultimate Shine to provide protection.


Carsprowash Pure Carnauba Wax  is a treatment rich in Carnauba wax and NANO-polymers. Provides surprising hydrophobic protection and leaves an intense, shiny finish. Ideal for dusting the bodywork between two washes.
Restores, strengthens and prolongs the protection of a wax. Withstands many washes. Protects against UV rays. Quick and easy to use. Safe for seals, exterior rubbers and plastics.

Carsprowash ceramic  is a “hybrid” wax based on NANO-polymers (synthetic wax) AND carnauba (natural wax).
It provides protection, reinforces existing protection AND provides a high level of shine.


Special features of Carsprowash ceramic wax:

  1. Hybrid Wax (Polymers + Carnauba)

  2. Quick and easy to apply liquid wax

  3. Contains NANO-polymers to provide tough, long-lasting protection


Liquid Ceramic Finishing Wax Carsprowash is a preparation rich in nanotechnology (NANO-Polymer protection).  To be used with a pressure washer or a foam cannon (Foam Gun). Deposits on the entire vehicle (bodywork, rims, windows, plastics, etc.) a protective and shiny microfilm. Leaves treated surfaces soft and water-repellent. Limits the adhesion of dirt and contaminants. Easy and quick to use. A new technology to protect your vehicle quickly using a High Pressure Cleaner.

Special features of Carsprowash Finishing Wax:


  1. Developed for use in High Pressure Washers

  2. “Self-Drying” function

  3. Deposits a protection based on NANO-polymers


It is possible to combine the application of the products and thus increase and associate their advantages.

The Carsprowash staff

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